Member of the 18th Chinese Medical Team to Seychelles Returned with Honor
President Li Jianmin led a Delegation Visited Tanzania
BMUH Held a Farewell Ceremony
Farewell Ceremony for Chinese Medical Team Member to Seychelles
BMUH Held the First Clinical Teaching Training Program with Johns Hopkins University

Head of the 25th Chinese Medical Team to Tanzania Returned with Honor
Canadian Delegation Visited BMUH
Two Doctors Participate in Overseas Online Training Program
Mr. Jinggang Zhao Visited New Zealand and Tonga
BMUH Was Named as a Sino-Canada Medical Technology Collaborating Hospital

Li Jianmin Led a Delegation to BMDAC
Fang Qingmin Visited Sydney Hospitals
Canadian Experts Visited BMUH for Academic Exchange
French Mental Health Experts Visited BMUH
BMUH Delegation Visited the USA and Canada

American Medical Experts Appointed as Guest Professors of BMUH
BMUH Successfully Organized the 2nd Yellow River Delta International Forum on Hospital Management
Daniel Gorans Studio Was Set up at BMUH
A Donation Ceremony by Ahlstrom Fiber Composites (Binzhou) Ltd Was Held at BMUH
BMUH First Participated in METS


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