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As an affiliated hospital of a medical university, BMUH has always attached great importance to medical education and training for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, residents as well as other hospital faculties and staff. 

As to undergraduate education a tutorial system has been set up and put into practice at the stage of clinical teaching to help medical students lay a solid foundation in both knowledge and skills. Each tutor will provide one-to-one/two guidance to students and ensure that every student gets the teaching according to his/her aptitude and interest. Every year, more than 1,500 undergraduate students are taught and trained at BMUH. Due to its excellent work, BMUH passed the undergraduate teaching appraisal with excellent performance in 2006 and obtained a 6-year accreditation of medical undergraduate education in 2013 both organized by the Ministry of Education.

BMUH boasts comprehensive advantages in postgraduate education as it has a whole range of disciplines. Fields of postgraduate education include basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, TCM and oral medicine. Currently, about 200 postgraduate students are trained at our hospital. More than 500 postgraduate students have graduated from BMUH since 2004.

As a model base for practice teaching in Shandong province, BMUH clinical skill training center was built on high-tech simulation equipment and integrating a wide range of functions, including demonstration, operation training, examination and scientific research. More than 8,000 medical students and professionals have been trained at the center over the past 5 years.

BMUH is a standardization training base for residents. Its continuing medical education provides training programs for postgraduate students, residents, rural doctors, GPs and other hospital faculties and staff. The Continuing Education Department is also responsible for organizing academic meetings at different levels within the hospital.
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