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Binzhou Medical University Hospital (BMUH) is located at the center of Binzhou,a beautiful city in northern China. As a general hospital, it performs a comprehensive role in medical service, teaching, scientific research and preventive care. Since established in 1977, the hospital has been named as the Beizhen Branch Hospital Affiliated to Qingdao Medical College, the Affiliated Hospital of Beizhen Medical College and Binzhou Medical University Hospital--the currently official name was adopted in 1983.

It was verified and reassessed as a Grade-III Class-A Hospital (the highest rank in Chinas hospital classification) by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shandong Province in May 1995 and June 2013. In 2014, it was selected as one of the constructors of regional medical center by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shandong Province.

Over the past four decades, due to the collaborative efforts of generation by generation, BMUH has grown into a modern comprehensive hospital with outstanding specialists,state-of-the-art equipment and featured techniques. With medical care, education and research well integrated,it offers all-sided health and medical services for the residents both in and out of Shandong. Its leading role in medical care, education, research, rehabilitation and critical care in northern Shandong has been firmly established. BMUH currently has 1,800 in-patient beds. In 2014, it cared for1.28 million outpatients, admitted 79,000 patients, and completed 32,000 operations.

BMUH is staffed with more than 3,000 full-time employees,among whom 373 are associate/ full professors, 136 are Masters or PhD degree candidate supervisors. 104 hospital staff hold positions at national-level associations, 51 are editorial board members for a variety of academic journals. It has fostered a host of specialists who enjoy high reputation both in and out of Shandong province.

In the new era, aiming at building a nationally well-known modern hospital, BMUH will try its best to make a satisfying hospital by offering outstanding medical services.

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