Member of the 18th Chinese Medical Team to Seychelles Returned with Honor
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After fulfilled the two-year medical aid mission, Dr. Lyu Xiaotong, a member of the 18th Chinese Medical Team to Seychelles and Associate Chief Surgeon of Hepatobiliary Surgery Department at Binzhou Medical University Hospital, came back with honor in April. A welcome meeting was held on April 27, 2023. 
Dr. Lyu Xiaotong reported his work and life in Seychelles. During the two years, overcame adverse conditions such as the COVID-19 epidemic, tough environment, cultural differences and outdated medical equipment, and born the psychological challenge of family changes, he excellently completed various foreign medical aid tasks with practical actions. Dr. Lyu not only provided medical assistance to local residents, overseas Chinese and employees of Chinese-funded enterprises, but also promoted Chinese culture and showed the true and comprehensive image of China. He won the trust and praise from the local people and colleagues.
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