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Ma Baoxin Cardiovascular Medicine
With the support of Binzhou Medical University Hospital, I went to Sydney and studied in Westmead Hospital from Aug 23, 2017 on. After 3 months of learning, the hospital impressed me so much and I benefited a lot from this experience.
Westmead Hospital was built in 1978. It is a large general hospital with nearly 1000 beds. Its Cardiac Intervention, Cardiac Surgery, Trauma Department and Neurosurgery enjoy high reputation in the world. Westmead Hospital, located in Western Sydney, is the largest comprehensive hospital in Sydney. It serves 43% of the population of Sydney. Every year in Westmead Hospital, there are about 14000 operations performed, 4600 babies born, and more than 55000 emergencies handled.
The department of Cardiology of Westmead Hospital is equipped with all kinds of advanced facilities. Through careful observation and exchange, I found lots of aspects we may learn from them.
In strict accordance with the guidelines
Clinical treatment, invasive surgery is strictly carried out in the Department of Cardiology according to the guideline of treatment and operation. There are four interventional catheter rooms in the department. The facilities are advanced. It is convenient for the patients with heart disease to do the necessary and timely intervention. Coronary intervention process is similar to our hospital. In Westmead Hospital ultrasound-guided puncturing can significantly reduce vascular complications.
Careful division and high efficiency
In the ward, doctors are divided into junior resident, senior resident, physician, medical experts and medical specialist consultant; nursing staff consists of clinical nurses, clinical nurse consultant, nurse educator, nursing teacher and manager. The nurse manager is responsible for the administrative work; the clinical nurse consultant is responsible for the guidance of clinical nursing, and the nursing teacher is responsible for various training. There is also a special physiotherapist who is responsible for the recovery of the patient’s heart function. 
Patient-oriented service
All kinds of facilities in the hospital are full-featured, such as bank, catering department, gift shop, coffee shop and so on, to facilitate patients and their families. The hospital corridor sign is clear and convenient for patients and their families to find the ward. There are a lot of paintings and photographs hanging on both sides of the corridor. This virtually reduces the psychological pressure of the patients and medical workers. In each ward, there are also "social workers", who are responsible for patients who have no family members, and help them solve the problems during hospitalization.
Harmonious relationship between doctors and patients
Australian doctors have a high sense of responsibility and good occupation morals. Therefore, patients and their families all trust doctors. They believe that doctors will try their best to treat the patients. So they almost do not complain or suspect, instead, they fully cooperate with any treatment.
The concept of rehabilitation
Rehabilitation center is set up in department of Cardiology of Westmead Hospital, aiming at rehabilitation planning and guidance for patients with heart diseases. At the same time, the manager of the center is responsible for the rehabilitation of similar patients in three other hospitals. They also give regular rehabilitation guidance to discharged patients for half a year. This is of great help for the recovery of patients with heart disease.
Scientific research
The department of Cardiology has a research room. This provides a great deal of convenience to doctors and nurses for basic and clinical research. The hospital also has a statistical expert. The doctors and nurses can ask for help if they encounter statistical problems in the research, which significantly improves the quality of the scientific research.
During my study in Westmead Hospital, I completed statistics and writing of three English articles in my spare time. I also got help from the statistical expert in the statistical process. One article has been accepted, the other has been reviewed. 
Finally, I want to extend my thanks for the support of my hospital.

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