Visiting Scholar to Wake Forest University Baptist Health
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Yan Hongshan Burn and Plastic Surgery
The Wake Forest School of Medicine has two campuses, one on the Bowman Gray Campus in the Ardmore neighborhood of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the other campus in the downtown which opened in July 2016. Founded in 1902, the School of Medicine educates about 1,800 students and fellows every year, including physicians, basic scientists and allied clinical professionals. It is clinically affiliated to Wake Forest Baptist Health and Wake Forest Community Physicians and, with its research program, forms the integrated academic medical center, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. 

It is my pleasure to be a visiting scholar to Wake Forest Baptist Health for two months. During two months,I visited the Wound Center, Burn Ward and Clinic and Burn and Plastic Operation. In the Wound Center,the treatment of wound is not different from that in our hospital, but there are many advanced materials to be used. The outpatient service has at least six separate rooms, and all the patients must make an appointment with the doctor before the come to see the doctor. In the ward,change dressing for large area burn wounds is operated under general anesthesia. Recell is a common surgical operation in the Burn Department. From Monday to Friday, there are at least 12 operations everyday.All professors have their own research field.Different professors have to do different plastic operations. In this hospital, most plasticsurgeries are breast reduction and breast reconstruction after surgery.Scar plasty is also common. I can visit and observe most basic plastic surgeries in the operation room. 
I believe I can use what I have learned to help more patients and create better social and economic benefits for our hospital. 
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