Study Experience in Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
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Yanzhang Hao  Department of Oncology
Thanks to the arrangements of our hospital and the Department of Oncology, I attended a 2- month training project in the Cancer Center of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in the United States. The Cancer Center ranked 15 in the United States. 

First, I learned a lot from the training which helped to improve my clinical skills. They have the latest medical devices, 3DCRT, IMRT, VMRT, IGRT, gamma knife, brachytherapy and so on. I focused on the study of brachytherapy because at present in our hospital the radiotherapy technology is still blank. Second, my idea and understanding on clinical diagnosis and management have been renewed. 1. Multidisciplinary collaboration: Cancer Center includes the surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tumor imaging and tumor pathology departments. Collaboration between the departments is very close, MDT for a variety of malignant tumors is held regularly every week. 2. Professionalism: Every doctor has his own specialty, so every patient can get a professional diagnosis and treatment. 3. Institutionalization: the whole running system in the center is almost perfect in every aspect, and every one strictly abides by the rules and regulations. Third, I have developed deep friendship with my colleages in the USA. Not only the doctors and nurses were very friendly but also everyone esle is willing to take the initiative to help others. They give me a lot of help in the study, life and so on. Dr. Greven invited me to her home; Dr. Frizzel invited me to taste the United States Authentic red tea. Fourth, my English has improved. Through daily study, my English has gained a rapid progress. 
To conclude, thanks to all the teachers who helped me, thanks to the hospital, BMUH, the International Affairs Office, and the Oncology Department to provide me with the rare opportunity, I will put what I have learned abroad into clinical practice and try to make greater contributions to our hospital.
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