Annual Symposium for Returned Overseas Professionals Successfully Held
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On February 1st, 2016, BMUH held a symposium for returned overseas professionals to review the international training project of 2015. In 2015, BMUH sent 55 healthcare professionals to America, Australia, Austria, UK, Germany and Singapore for advanced studies, academic visits and clinical trainings. 
The symposium was attended by Party Secretary, Prof. Zhao Mingdong, Vice President, Prof. Chen Qiangpu and 21 delegates from both clinical and auxiliary departments. Participants shared their experiences, ideas and advice in order to further improve the training quality. All of them expressed the strong desire to apply what they have learned abroad to clinical work. They also proposed some practical and feasible suggestions for improving doctor-nurse cooperation, ward management, clinical skills, efficacy of operational procedure, scientific research and so on.
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