BMUH Delegation Visited the USA and Canada
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Invited by Tufts Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University Hospital and Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada, Mr. Jinggang Zhao, Party Secretary of BMUH, headed a six-member delegation to the USA and Canada from 9th, April 2018 to 16th, April 2018.
In the United States, the delegation visited Tufts Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University Hospital, and Cleveland Institute of Radiological Medicine. At the Tufts Medical Center, the delegation met with Professor Gennaro Carpinito, Director of Surgery, and learned about their hospital management, disease diagnosis and treatment procedures, etc. In Cleveland, they met with Ms. Grace Yu, director of the International Medical Education Department of the Cleveland Clinic, Ms. Robyn Strosaker, President of the Case Western Reserve University Hospital, and Professor Pabio R. Ros, Director of the Department of Radiation Medicine, Professor Mykol Larvie, Director of the MRI Imaging Department of Cleveland Clinic, Prof. Wang Yanming, director of the Center for Radiopharmaceutical Research at Case Western Reserve University, and Dr. Zheng Qingyin, Professor of Otorhinolaryngology of Case Western Reserve University. During the meeting, after reviewing the exchanges and cooperation between two parties in recent years, particularly in radiology and PET-CT, they discussed the next step in academic exchanges, personnel training, joint scientific research, etc. Both sides agreed to establish friendly cooperative relations, intensify mutual exchanges, accelerate cooperation in radiology and nuclear medicine, and broaden areas of cooperation. 
In Canada, the delegation visited the Shouldice Hospital and met with Prof. Mingyao Liu, Dean of the Medical Research Institute of the University of Toronto, and Lee Errett, President of BMDA (Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada) and David Dai, Secretary General of BMDA. During the meeting, both parties reviewed the previous cooperation and discussed how to carry out the academic exchanges in 2018. An agreement was reached on establishing a long-term cooperation in joint research and talent training. At the end of the meeting, Lee Errett, on behalf of BMDA and Jinggang Zhao, on behalf of BMUH, signed a friendly relationship agreement. After that, Lee Errett certified Jinggang Zhao as an honorary member of BMDA. 
Throughout the visit, the delegation was deeply impressed by the beautiful environment, rich and colorful culture, high-quality service and advanced treatment techniques in top hospitals; in addition, their positive attitude for work and meticulous attitude towards patients are particularly worth our study.
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