American Medical Experts Appointed as Guest Professors of BMUH
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On October 9, 2017, BMUH held a guest professor appointment ceremony for Dr. Baogng Liu, Director of Breast Surgery of Sentara Albemarle Medical Center, Ms.Shuhua Yin, nursing expert of Sentara Albemarle Medical Center, and Dr. James H Holmes, Director of Burns Surgery of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Jianmin Li, President of BMUH.
At the ceremony, Mr. Jinggang Zhao, Party Secretary of BMUH gave a welcoming speech and issued appointment certificates of guest professor to the three experts. Mr. Qingmin Fang, Deputy Party Secretary of BMUH gave a brief introduction of BMUH to the American guests. Professor Baogang Liu, on behalf of the guest professors, expressed that they were honored to be guest professors of BMUH which has a history of 40 years and they would make unremitting efforts to promote cooperation between two parties.
After the ceremony, Dr. Baogng Liu, Ms.Shuhua Yin and Dr. James H Holmes went to the Burns Department and Orthopedics Surgery Department where they discussed difficult cases with BMUH surgeons and gave insighted suggestions for discipline development.
The next day, Dr. Baogng Liu, Ms.Shuhua Yin and Dr. James H Holmes attended the 3rd International Yellow River Delta Forum on General Surgery and delivered academic presentations.
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