Professor Kathryn Currow from Children’s Hospital at Westmead Visited BMUH
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On the 25, April 2016, Professor Kathryn Currow from Children Hospital at Westmead paid a visit to BMUH. Vice President Qiangpu CHEN met the visitor. Some department directors also attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Qiangpu CHEN first extended his welcome to Professor Kathryn Currow, and then he expressed his gratitude for the guidance and care devoted by Prof. Kathryn Currow’s to the IPPC program. He also introduced the new developments of the IPPC program at BMUH and wished to deepen and widen the cooperation between the two hospitals. Professor Kathryn Currow was greatly satisfied with the IPPC participants’ performance. She expected to promote BMUH’s pediatricians’ theory and practice by further strengthening the bilateral cooperation.
After the meeting, Professor Kathryn Currow visited the Pediatric Surgery where she delivered an enlightening presentation to the IPPC participants. She offered some rare cases for the participants to discuss. Under her guidance, the attendants held a heated discussion and benefited a lot from that.
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