Hospital Management Experts from Mayo Clinic Visited BMUH
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On the 21, April 2016, the former CAO and current Administrator of CRM of Mayo Clinic, Carl Rider and Thomas Welch paid a visit to BMUH. President Qiang WANG, Party Secretary Mingdong ZHAO met the guests. Vice President Qiangpu CHEN and some department directors also attended the meeting.
Qiang WANG made a welcoming speech, in which he noted that with more No. 1 specialties than any other hospital in the USA, Mayo Clinic was one of the best and most influential medical institutions in the world; the visit paid by Mayo Clinic experts provided a vis-a-vis opportunity for BMUH to learn advanced hospital management experience and strategies, which would be of great help in the development of BMUH. He wished to further deepen mutual understanding and promote practical cooperation. After that, Mingdong ZHAO made a brief introduction to BMUH and Binzhou City. 
Carl Rider expressed his high appreciation for the outstanding achievements that BMUH had obtained and showed expectations for BMUH’s planning and development. He pointed out that although the two hospitals were at different development stages, there was still something in common, especially in opening hospitals to the outside world and developing core technologies by learning from excellent medical resources. Thomas Welch expressed he was deeply impressed by the outstanding achievements that BMUH had obtained within such a short span of time.
After the meeting, Carl Rider and Thomas Welch visited Cardiology, Pediatric Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery.
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