Pre-Departure Seminar for 6 Doctors Successfully Held
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    In the afternoon of 3, March 2016, the Pre-Departure Seminar for 6 doctors was successfully held. 6 doctors from 5 departments were going to have a 3-month training in corresponding departments of American, British, Canadian and German hospitals.
    Mr. Fang Qingmin, Vice Party Secretary and Mr. Chen Qiangpu, Vice President of BMUH attended and addressed the seminar. They emphasized the significance of the training, stressed the importance of safety and proposed specific requirements. Besides, Ms. Yu Xiurong, Director of the International Affairs Office introduced the training projects and showed her earnest expectations for them. 
    The 6 trainees expressed their determinations for this up-coming training and promised that they would value this opportunity of further study, obey the management and arrangement in the projects and complete the training task.
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