A Delegation Headed by President Wang Qiang Visited France and Signed Cooperation Agreement
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Group photo at Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon
President Wang Qiang signing agreement with President Yves Praud
Visiting Service Hospitalisation Intersectoriel de Pedopsychialie
Meeting the Director of Service Hospitalisation Intersectoriel de Pedopsychialie 
Néri Vantermerch and Dr. Daniel Gorans
Exchanging with psychiatrist Luc Faucher
       Under the invitation of the Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon, President Wang Qiang visited France with his delegation during 27-31, March 2016. Both parties exchanged views extensively on the establishment of friendly cooperation relationship, deepening and extending cooperation projects, etc. A friendly cooperation agreement was signed between Binzhou Medical University Hospital and Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon . 
       During his visit in Nates, Wang Qiang met several famous scholars and celebrities including Dr. Daniel Groans, an internationally renowned adolescent psychiatrist and the Chairman of the Sino-French Mental Health Exchange Association, madam Marie Gorans, a pediatric psychiatrist, Mr. Néri Vantermerch, the Director of the Pediatric Mental Disorder Therapy Center, Mr. Patrick Cottin, the Director of Maison des adolescents de Loire-Atlantique, Mr. Yves Praud, the President of the Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon and several department directors. In Paris, Wang Qiang visited the Center Hospialier Sainte-Anne and met its Director of the Department of Psychiatric Analysis, Mr.Luc Faucher, Director of the Department of Admission, Francois Eldin de Pecoulas and Dr. XuDan, a psychological analyst. The Vice Chairman of the Coordination Council of Shandong French Association, Dr. Song Luzheng also attended the meetings.
       The delegation was warmly welcomed throughout the trip. They visited four medical institutions, the Service Hospitalisation Intersectoriel de Pedopsychialie, the Maison des Adolescents de Loire-Atlantique, the Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon and the Center Hospialier Sainte-Anne. They also held friendly exchange and discussions with their French counterparts on cyber assessment, eva luation, consultation, diagnosis and serial treatments of pediatric mental disorders. During the visit to Center Hospitalier Georges Daumézon, President Wang Qiang and his counterpart, President Yves Praud introduced their hospitals briefly to each other. After that, they discussed mutual visit, personnel training, scientific research cooperation, etc. and reached an agreement on further cooperation, academic exchange and talent cultivation. At the end of the meeting, an agreement was signed. Both parties agreed to establish friendly interhospital relationship, enhance mutual visit, promote project cooperation, strengthen technological exchange and improve disciplinary development. The signing ceremony was hosted by Dr. Daniel Groans.
       The delegation was deeply impressed by the massive and precise pediatric mental health assessment and eva luation network, well-structured and well-ordered hospital layout, mature social support network and feedback system, sound and scientific team approach mechanism.
       President Wang Qiang’s visit to France has strengthened interhospital friendships, deepened mutual understanding and promoted project cooperation, which will greatly put the psychology discipline into a rapid development track, thereby benefiting the local population.
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