Clinical Observership Experience at Royal Vitoria Hospital
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Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Hong Mei Yin
I have made a qualitative progress after a 3- month study at the Royal Vitoria Hospital in Montreal. On the one hand, my clinical skills have been improved; on the other hand, my theoretical knowledge has been updated. What’s more important is that this experience has enhanced my awareness about the significance of scientific and standardized patient management to hospital development.
During the first month and a half, under the guidance of Dr.Tulandi and Dr.Bukket, I observed the treatment of benign tumours with minimally invasive surgery/open surgery including uterine and double appendix resection, complex broad ligament myoma resection and cervical myoma resection, and learned, at the outpatient department, new methods in diagnosing and treating common gynaecological diseases and reproductive endocrine diseases. I also observed the use of laproscopy and hysteroscopy. The Canadian colleagues’ strong sense of responsibility and spirit of teamwork also left a deep impression on me.
During the second one and a half months, I followed Dr.Gagnon and Dr.Morency and studied obstetric cesarean section, labor analgesia, prenatal diagnosis (amniocentesis), cervical cerclage, vaginal delivery, IUD input & output, etc. At the same time, I also studied the management of pregnancy and the treatment of obstetric complications.
The most important thing I have learned is the patient record management. In my opinion, if our department of obstetrics also sets up such a system, the patient pregnancy complications and the number of macrosomias will be greatly reduced, thereby attracts more and more patients to our hospital.
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