3D Printing Medical Research Institute
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The institute is a medical research, transfer and education center. Since its foundation in October 2015, the institute has assisted some clinicians to offer patients individualized and precise treatment. 
3D printing is a fast and inexpensive technology of rapid prototyping (RP) which is based on the construction of physical three-dimensional, layer by layer, according to their respective virtual models. With this, we can establish a bank of diseases and provide patients with precise treatment.
The model with 3D printing based on patients reflecting the condition can be used in classes, and numerous medical students can study and practice with this emulation bone model and benefit from it. We also have conducted a randomized controlled study for investigating the impact of 3Dp models on the identification of spinal fracture for medical students as well as for assessing sex-related differences in benefits compared with 2D and 3D presentations. The randomized study revealed that the 3Dp model markedly improved the identification of complex spinal fracture anatomy by medical students and was equally appreciated and comprehended by both sexes. 
Despite the rapid development of the 3D printing technology, there are still several competitions to limit the clinical application of 3D printing. To break such a situation, the 3D Printing Medical Research Institute will serve as a center of technology research to promote the transfer of 3D printing technologies and foster the application in practice to benefit the patients.
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