Established in 1989, the Department of Orthodontics has now grown into a key discipline with its unique style. Due to the co-efforts of generation by generation through almost three decades, the Department of Orthodontic has become one of the largest orthodontic centers with the most advanced technology and equipment in the Yellow River Delta. As one of the largest Orthodontic centers in Shandong Province, our professional work involves the diagnosis and treatment of different kinds of malocclusions including malaligned and crowed teeth, protrusive teeth, reverse overjet and so on. Patients with severe malocclusion and dentofacial deformity could gain beautiful and successful smile through our treatment. Our team of dentists hails from the best talent in China. Most of them have been trained at universities with top dental programs, including Shandong University, Qingdao University, Huaxi Medical University and the Fourth Military Medical University. More than 70 percent of our staff hold a master’s degree, with 1 professor and 2 associate professors.
The Department of Orthodontics mainly carries out the early preventive and interventive correction in deciduous dentition and the mixed dentition, adult and adolescent comprehensive orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment of periodontal disease in adults and the old, aesthetic diagnosis and treatment of Six Element, Roth-Williams diagnosis and treatment technology of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), the sequential treatment of cleft lip and palate, multidisciplinary adjunctive therapy and Snoreguard treatment of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS). Edgewise technique, straight wire appliance, self-ligating brackets correction technology, implant anchorage technology, lingual orthodontic technology and invisible appliance technology have come into practice in our department. In cooperation with the department of Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Implantology, periodontology, maxillofacial plastic surgery and other disciplines. We are doing our best to provide individualized service and a high level of professional and economic orthodontic treatment for every patient.
Our department has six dental chairs. With internationally advanced medical equipment as well as spacious, comfortable and elegant clinic environment, we can provide patients with systematic and high-level orthodontic treatment, and help them maintain optimal oral healthy state.
Scientific research has always been a key mission for us. We have focused on the research of implant anchorage, obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, the growth and development. 
  • Department Director
  • Associate Professor of Orthodontics
  • Complicated malocclusion 
  • Self-ligating bracket appliance technology
  • Crossbite
  • Adult periodontitis with malocclusion
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Various types of children and adults malocclusion correction
  • Invisible appliance technology
  • Orthodontic-Orthognathic treatment
  • Orthodontic non-extraction treatment
  • Skeletal malocclusion
  • Treatment of crowding and protrusion
  • Treatment of deciduous and mixed dentition malocclusion
  • Miniscrew anchorage technology
    LIU Fengzhen Bachelor
    Professor of Orthodontics
  • Different kinds of malocclusion
  • Skeletal crossbite
  • Severe protrusion
  • Orthodontic correction of functional malocclusion
  • Edgewise wire arch technology
  • Straight wire arch technology 
  • Orthodontic extraction treatment 
  • Begg orthodontic technology
  • Preventive therapy of adolescent
    TIAN Xubiao 
    Associate Professor of Orthodontics
  • Treatment of Crowding 
  • Adult adjunctive correction for restoration and implanting
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Self-ligating bracket appliance technology
  • Preventive and interventive treatment
  • Adolescent malocclusion treatment
  • Tip-Edge appliance technology
  • Orthodontic treatment for snoring
  • Early treatment of various types of malocclusion (crossbite, mandibular retrusion)
    Thank you for your interest in the Department of Orthodontics. If you are a patient, family member or physician looking for assistance with our clinical services or wishing to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
    Tel:   +86-0543-325-8252
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