Information Management Department
The Information Management Department undertakes the informatization work of Binzhou Medical University Hospital. The Department now owns 20 engineers who are responsible for securing the network, information system and managing software, database and project, etc. 15 of its staff have Master's degrees, and 2 of them have received overseas computing degrees in Ireland and France. The department director, Associate Prof. Wang Yufeng, now serves as the vice secretary general of medical and health branch of Shandong Internet of Things.
In 1995,BMUH started the work of informatization which centered on the financial management information system. In 2006, the hospital made an exploratory step on the implementation of clinical information systems, and step by step covered the clinical work of the entire hospital. In 2008, specialized electronic medical record (EMR) information system was implemented to meet the needs of clinicians and nurses. In 2010, all of the clinical information systems implemented include HIS, LIS, PACS, EMR, etc., and the total amount of subsystems and independent systems is more than 50. In 2014, the amount of systems is nearly 70 and the clinical information platform based on EMR was put into use, meanwhile, a new medical service model focused on quality and security was established. In 2015, our hospital began to focus on building an integrated information platform. So far, the total investment in informatization construction has reached ¥65 million. The number of desktop computers for clinical work within the hospital LAN is 1300 and about 600 desktops are connected to WWW.
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Information Management

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