Clinical Medicine Laboratory

Clinical Medicine Laboratory (CML) provides a public research platform for all staff and students, covering a floor area of 600 square meters and possessing scientific instruments and equipment valued over 10 million yuan, including some large-scale equipment such as transmission electron microscopy (TME) , laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM), flow cytometry(FCM), real-time PCR and protein two-dimensional electrophoresis system. Besides, cell culture, northern/southern blotting, co-immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemical, cell/tissue imaging and other experiments can be carried out in the laboratory.
Among the 12 staff workers in the laboratory, there are 2 professors and 2 associate professors. 4 members have achieved doctoral degrees and 7 have master’s degrees.
As a research platform of a teaching hospital, the Clinical Medicine Laboratory has always attached great importance to education and research. It is responsible for the teaching and training of undergraduates and postgraduates. Scientific research has always been a key mission for the Department. It has focused on the research of mechanism for the formation and development of arterial restenosis, molecular biological mechanism of interstitial lung disease, function and mechanism of TRIM in innate immune response. Currently, our team is undertaking 9 scientific research projects. In recent years, 10 books have been written by the staff. More than 100 papers have been published, 10 of which have been indexed by SCI. 
  • Director of Clinical Medicine Laboratory
  • Professor of cardiovascular surgery
    Diagnosis and surgical treatment of Valve disease: valve repair or replacement, coronary artery disease, congenital heart diseases, chronic atrial fibrillation modified Maze procedure, great vessel diseases operations, and other heart disease such cardicmyxoma operation, especially complicated congenital heart diseases, intensive cardiac valve disease and their complications 
    LIU Naiguo MD
    Professor of molecular biology
    Molecular biological mechanism of interstitial lung disease
    SUN Dakang MD
    Function and mechanism of TRIM in innate immune response
    Thank you for your attention to the Clinical Medicine Laboratory. If you are a medical student, science researcher or physician looking for assistance with our research services or wishing to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
    Tel:      +86-543-325-8709
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    Clinical Medicine Laboratory

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