Specialists from Canada, USA and Japan Visited BMUH
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From May 25 to 27, Dr. David Tak Wah Wong, an ophthalmologist, Dr. Paul J Chiasson, a thoracic surgeon, Mr. Biao Dai and Mr. Xiaodong Wu, from Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada (BMDAC), Dr. Ailing Xie, a respiratory specialist, from University of Wisconsin, USA and Dr. Kuang-I Fu a gastroenterologist from Kanma Memorial Hospital, Japan paid a visit to BMUH. All of them are well established specialists in their field. 
On the morning of May 26, BMUH held an appointment ceremony for visiting professors. Executive deputy president Jianmin Li issued letters of appointment to Dr. David Tak Wah Wong, Dr. Paul J Chiasson, Mr. Biao Dai, Mr. Xiaodong Wu, Dr. Ailing Xie and Dr. Kuang-I Fu respectively. 
After the appointment ceremony, Mr.Biao Dai and executive deputy president Jianmin Li signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of BMDAC and BMUH. Both parties agreed to increase mutual visit, promote project collaboration, strengthen academic exchange and improve disciplinary development.
During the next 2 days, the specialists went to corresponding departments where they participated into a series of academic exchange programs, including delivering academic lectures, guiding operations and discussing rare and difficult cases with their Chinese colleagues.
The visit is of great significance in building up hospital academic atmosphere and helping departments concerned to gain a rapid and healthy progress. 
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