Rehabilitation Medicine
As a key clinical discipline of Shandong province and one of the major departments at Binzhou Medical University Hospital, the department of Rehabilitation Medicine is currently staffed with 14 doctors,23 therapists and 26 nurses, among whom there are 1 professor and 1 associate professor. 
Equipped with advanced equipment, the department is committed to excellence in neurological rehabilitation, bone and children's rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation and pain rehabilitation. We are continuing our mission of providing first class service, pursuing and sharing latest knowledge and techniques with colleagues at home and abroad.
The department consists of five medical sections, including an expert outpatient clinic, a general outpatient clinic, a therapeutic room for outpatients, a therapeutic room for inpatients and an imaging guided interventional therapy room. We have 45 beds for inpatients totally.
The academic achievements of the Rehabilitation Department have been extensively acknowledged. The academic leader of the department Prof. WANG Deqiang  serves as a vice chairperson of the Rehabilitation Medicine Association of Shandong province, vice chairperson of the Rehabilitation Medicine Association of Shandong province, Chairperson of the Rehabilitation Medicine Quality Management Center of Binzhou city, vice chairperson of the Pain Medicine Committee of Shandong Medical Association a. 
The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine has further strengthened its competitiveness through the establishment of subspecialties: Neurological rehabilitation, bone rehabilitation, Children's rehabilitation, Geriatric rehabilitation and pain rehabilitation. Its annual outpatient visits have reached more than 14,000. It's one of the earliest medical institutions conducting Pain Rehabilitation study in Shandong. 
Scientific research has always been a key mission for the Department. Its staff has focused on the research of Pain Rehabilitation Medicine and made some achievements including 4 SCI indexed papers. 
WANG Deqiang
  • Department Director 
  • Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Neurological and Bone Rehabilitation assessment and treatment
  • Geriatric rehabilitation and pain rehabilitation 
    LIANG Xun 
    Associate Chief Physician of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Neurological, bone rehabilitation assessment and treatment
    Outpatient:  +86-543-325-6374
    Ward I:     +86-543-325-8127
    Ward II:    +86-543-325-8215 
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