Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Established in 2006, the department of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Binzhou Medical University Hospital has now grown into a branch with a distinctive style. It is the first and the only neonatal intensive care center in line with the Ministry of Health, setting the Newborn Ward Construction Management Guide standards in Northern Shandong. 
The Department of NICU is one hundred thousand laminar flow wards with all closed-end management. It now consists of three wards, intensive care wards, non-intensive care wards and infection isolation wards. The wards consist of a bathroom, a milk room, a medicine room and other auxiliary facilities. The peripheral region is a spacious and bright semi-circular visiting corridor, to narrow the distance between parents and infants.
The NICU is equipped with complete advanced medical facilities. The wards are under 24-hour surveillance. The movable multi-functioning head masts make sure every life island has central oxygen supply, central vacuum aspiration and air compression functions. In the department there are respirators for neonates, incubators, far-infrared radiation rescuing platforms, multi-parameter monitors, neonatal fundus imager, video EEG monitor and so on. At present, the level of neonatal intensive care, the scale of NICU and the equipment are the best in our country. Neonatal critical transport network covers the northern region of Shandong and the city borders of Hebei province.
The Unit is currently staffed with 15 doctors and 56 nurses, among whom there are 3 associate professors. 1 member of its staff has achieved doctoral degrees, 12 members have achieved master's degrees, and 1 doctor has received overseas training.
At present, the critical neonatal transport network is being carried out. The doctors of NICU specializes in rescuing and treating critical neonatal with mechanical ventilation, curing Hyaline Membrane Disease with pulmonary surfactant, peripherauy inserted centralcatheter in supply with Hyperalimentation, total parenteral alimentation, the homochronous exchange transfusion of peripheral artery and vein or umbilical vein transfusion treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, newborn hearing and fundi screening. All those effectively reduce the mortality of perinatal infant mortality in our city and the surrounding areas.
As a department of a teaching hospital, the Department of NICU has always attached great importance to education and research. It is responsible for the teaching, practicing of undergraduates, postgraduates and visiting doctors. Scientific research has always been a key mission for the Department. It has focused on the research of hyperoxia-induced lung injury, Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (NRDS), and premature infant diseases. It has made gratifying achievements and taken a leading role in such aspects as studies on hyperoxia-induced lung injury, etc. The academic achievements have been extensively acknowledged both at home and abroad. 
LIU Xiuxiang MD 
  • Department Director
  • Professor of Pediatrics
    Basic and clinical study of the critical illness in children and newborn infants
    Zhang Haihong 
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Pediatric critical emergency
  • Newborn disease 
  • First aid
    ZHAO Guoying MMSC
    Associate Chief Physician
    Critical disease in pediatrics, especially neonatal diseases
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    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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