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Hand &Foot Surgery (Microsurgery) 

Established in 2005, the Department of Hand and Foot Surgery (Microsurgery) at Binzhou Medical University Hospital (BMUH) is a pioneer for hand and foot disease treatment and one of the earliest education and research centers for hand and foot diseases in the Yellow River Delta. It is currently staffed with 12 doctors and 16 nurses, among whom there are 2 associate professors, 2 doctoral degree holders and 10 master’s degree holders. 
Our academic achievements have been extensively acknowledged both at home and abroad. The Department Director, Associate Prof. ZHU Xiaodong serves as a vice chairperson of the Orthopedic Medicine Committee of Binzhou Medical Association. The Vice Department Director, Associate Prof. LIU Yongtao serves as a committee member of the Hand Surgery Committee of Shandong Medical Association and a youth committee member of the Orthopedic Committee of Shandong Medical Association. 
We are mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of complex fractures and dislocations in the extremities or combined vascular nerve and tendon injuries, especially in the treatment of trauma and deformity of hand and foot, severed finger reunion and peripheral entrapment neuropathies, etc. We perform about 1000 operations every year. Based on the accumulated experience and continuous innovation over a decade, we have a wealth of experience in the treatment of diseases of foot, hand and limb bone osteoma. Complex surgeries were successfully performed, including replantation of finger, various free skin flap needed vascular anastomosis and limb salvage treatment of malignant bone tumor through radical operation and artificial prosthesis implantation and so on. In the treatment of congenital or acquired malformation of foot, we have unique experience and new breakthroughs. In order to meet the needs of the patients, we have successively carried out a range of orthopedic treatments for hallux valgus, flat foot and enthesiopathy of the Achilles tendon.
As a department of a teaching hospital, we have always attached great importance to education and research. We are training undergraduates, postgraduates and visiting doctors. Scientific research has always been a key mission for us. Our team is actively conducting bone tumor related researches. In the last 5 years, our department has undertaken several research projects: 3 provincial-level projects, and 3 projects from Binzhou Medical University, with accumulated funds of more than 200 thousand yuan in total. We have published 4 academic papers on SCI journals and compiled 5 books. We have sent an expert to Canada for further study, and several of our doctors are invited to nationally well-known hospitals for further training. Some doctors have attended international academic conferences. We have also invited a number of renowned experts to our hospital for academic exchanges. All of the above helped to enhance our academic development. 
ZHU Xiaodong 
  • Department Director
  • Associate Professor 
  • Complex fractures in the extremities
  • Combined vascular nerve and tendon injuries
  • Congenital malformations
  • Hand infectious diseases
  • Limb malignant bone tumors 
  • Soft tissue sarcoma 
    LIU Yongtao MMSC
  • Vice Department Director
  • Associate Professor
  • Various deformities and traumatic diseases of hand
  • Foot, ankle and nerve compression
  • Microsurgical treatment of various wounds  
    Thank you for your interest in the Department of Hand &Foot Surgery (Microsurgery). If you are a patient, family member or physician looking for assistance with our clinical services or wishing to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
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    Hand &Foot Surgery

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