Gastrointestinal Surgery

Derived from the Department of General surgery of Binzhou Medical University Hospital (BMUH), the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery has now grown to be a comprehensive center for the diagnosis, surgical treatment and research on diseases of gastrointestinal tract, as well as a clinical teaching center in northern Shandong. The department of Gastrointestinal Surgery now possesses 42 inpatient beds, 1 general &stoma clinic, one treatment room, 1 gastroscopy &colonoscopy room and 1 clinical medicine laboratory. It is currently staffed with 13 doctors and 21 nurses, among whom there is 1 professor and 1 associate professor. 3 members of its staff have achieved doctoral degrees, 10 have achieved master’s degrees, and 2doctors have received overseas training.
Our highly skilled surgeons can offer such specialized surgical treatments as radical resection of gastric & colorectal carcinoma, gastrectomy, bowel resection and anastomosis, appendectomy, traditional &tension-free herniorrhaphy and PPH.
Recently, under the leadership of Prof. Li Yuming, our academic team performed further research and evidence-based practice in lymphadenectomy of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, reconstruction of digestive tract after total gastrectomy, anus-saving resection for low rectal cancer, combined organ resection for malignant tumor and surgical treatment of diabetes and obesity. Moreover, our surgeons firstly conducted laparoscopic surgical treatment of gastric & colorectal cancer, appendicitis, gastroduodenal perforation and abdominal wall hernias in the Yellow River Delta. These minimally invasive surgical approaches are safe and reliable, and typically result in less blood loss, reduced pain and faster recovery than conventional ones. Now, all of our surgeons have been well trained in laparoscopic surgery and more than 1,600 patients with various diseases of gastrointestinal tract come to seek specialized surgical treatment at our department each year.
Additionally, our surgeons also emphasizes the individualized Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Treatment (MDT) and the collaboration with other specialists involved in the care of patients with malignant carcinoma of gastrointestinal tract. Our weekly service conference participated by colleagues from surgery, internal medicine, pathology, radiology and oncology offers multimodality therapy including surgery, neoadjuvant or adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy to these patients.
Our Department also attaches great importance to education and research. So far, 7 master degree candidates of gastrointestinal surgery have completed their program and won the master’s degrees, over 100 papers have been published on various journals, and 8 papers are indexed by SCI or EI. Moreover, our surgeons have completed 6 monographs and 2 clinical trials. We won 5 awards from Shandong province or Binzhou city for the science and technology progress we made and we have successfully applied for 10 projects supported by fundations at different levels. To date, our project focusing on mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) of gastric cancer has been completed, and the other project gets involved with circulating tumor cell (CTC) of gastric cancer are ongoing. They are respectively supported by Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province and Medical and Health Technology Development Program of Shandong Province.
LI Yuming  MD &PhD
  • Department Director
  • Professor 
  • Gastric tumor
  • Small intestine &colorectal tumor 
  • Abdominal wall hernia 
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Reconstruction of digestive tract 
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment of gastrointestinal tumor
  • Surgical treatment of diabetes and obesity 
    WU Fengjie 
    Associate Professor 
  • Gastrointestinal &anorectal disease
  • Thyroid &breast disease
  • Splenic disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease and acute abdomen 
    Thank you for your interest in the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery. If you are a patient, family member or physician looking for assistance with our clinical services or wishing to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
    Tel:      +86-543-325-8732
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    Gastrointestinal Surgery

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