Cardiovascular Surgery

Separated from the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery in 2009, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Binzhou Medical University Hospital (BMUH) has now grown into a branch with unique style. It is the biggest one in the Yellow River Delta, one of the earliest Continuing Medical Education (CME) bases for cardiothoracic surgery diseases in Shandong. Owing to the co-efforts of its entire staff, the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery now consists of two sections (one ward for cardiovascular surgery diseases and one cardiovascular ICU). It is currently staffed with 9 doctors and 23 nurses, among whom there is 1 professor and 1 associate professor. 2members of its staff have achieved doctoral degrees, 7 have achieved master’s degrees, and 1 doctor has received overseas training. 
So far, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery has established four academic groups: pediatric heart disease, macrovascular disease, heart valve disease and coronary heart disease. Since 1996, over 2,000 operations have been conducted at our department. We are capable of carrying out almost all kinds of cardiac surgical operations, ranging from coronary artery surgeries, surgical treatment of heart valve diseases and congenital heart diseases to complicated congenital heart diseases and intensive cardiac valve disease, especially the serous coronary diseases and their complications. With the development of advanced medical technology, a series of new technologies have arisen in recent years, such as Sun’s procedure, surgical treatment of the chest small incision closure of ventricular septal defects by surgical repair. 
The Department’s academic achievements have been extensively acknowledged. The academic leader of the department, Prof. WANG Yujiu now serves as a committee member of the Cardiovascular Surgery Society of Shandong Province and a committee member of the Heart Failure of Shandong Province. We have conducted fundamental studies with the help of our Clinical Trials Center. We are striving to finish 2 projects from Nature Foundation of Shandong Province and more than 10 scientific research projects at municipal level. Our staff has published over 30 theses, won 5 scientific awards and acquired 2 patents.
Collaborating with Binzhou Red Cross Association, we launched the project of “To Save Angel’s Heart” in 2010. And our hospital is one of the national targeted hospitals assisted by the “Sunshine Angel Fund”.
WANG Yujiu PhD
  • Department Director
  • Professor 
  • Valve repair 
  • Valve replacement
  • Coronary artery disease 
  • Congenital heart diseases 
  • Chronic atrial fibrillation modified Maze procedure
  • Cardicmyxoma operation 
  • Especially complicated congenital heart diseases 
  • Intensive cardiac valve disease and its complications
    LI Wei MMSC
    Associate Professor
  • Congenital heart diseases
  • Valvulopathy
  • Coronary diseases 
  • Macroangiopathy
  • Especiallycongenital heart disease of minimally invasive enterventional therapy
  • Aortic stents treatment 
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    Cardiovascular Surgery

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