Health Management
The Department of Health Management at Binzhou Medical University Hospital is a professional health management center, the largest one in the northern Shandong, famous for its beautiful environment, excellent service, advanced equipment, exquisite technology, and top-ranking management.
The Department was founded in 2003. At the very beginning,it consisted of only two directors, two retired experts and three nurses. The new center has an independent physical examination building covering a floor area of 5000 square meters, which can provide its clients with a one-stop medical service. The environment of the examination hall is elegant and comfortable, with television, music, books and goods available in all varieties, the complete function and reasonable layout full of humanistic care elements. The center is composed of five floors, the first and second layers are for the general medical department: male area, two for women area. It is also equipped with a high standard dining hall, dressing room and leisure area. Leisure area has a piano solo. The third and fourth layers are for the VIP physical examination. The fifth layer provides distinguished expert’s service. Many senior experts from the departments of cardiovascular, gynecological, thyroid and breast surgery, endocrinology and gastroenterology diagnose hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome and precancerous disease and work out better health guidance and treatment plan. 
The Department has five sections: general health examination, liaison, integrative medicine and health care, client service and VIP health management. 
Advanced equipment is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the department. We own the most advanced Siemens 64 slice spiral CT, multiple imported color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, PHILPS digital radiography machine (DR), OLYMPUS gastrointestinal endoscopy, GE bone mineral density analyzer, INBODY body composition analyzer, cardiovascular function tester, France DDFAO Hawkeye body scanning system, breast blood oxygen analyzer and other advanced electronic medical instruments. We also have automated health management software to achieve the maximum physical process automation and provide rapid health assessment, health education and after-inspection service by SMS, website and E-mail.
The center serves nearly 40 thousand people for medical examination annually. We have won a number of honors including progressive health care unit from Shandong Medical Association. We will continue to improve services to create a top health physical examination team.
  • Department Director  
  • Professor of Gastroenterology
    Digestive system diseases and critical diseases, and the research of malignant tumor and precancerous lesions and acute poisoning in the digestive system
    MA Zhenbin MD 
  • Vice Department Director 
  • Professor of Gastroenterology
    Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, especially in the digestive tract early cancer, bile duct disease endoscopic treatment and other aspects of a very deep attainments
    LIU Shuyun
  • Vice Department Director 
  • Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine 
    Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological, skin, surgical diseases, especially in the rehabilitation therapy of cerebrovascular and other craniocerebral diseases
    ZHAO Yan
    Professor of TCM
    Good combination of Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in treating cervical spondylosis, low back pain, stomach disease, cerebrovascular disease, asthma, facial paralysis, breast disease, infertility, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and ectopic pregnancy 
    Thank you for your interest in the Department of health management. If you are a patient, family member or physician looking for assistance with our clinical services or wishing to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
    Tel:    +86-543-325-7335
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    Health Management

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