Central Laboratory

Established in 1996, the Central Laboratory of Binzhou Medical University Hospital offers scientific research assistance for its entire staff. It is currently staffed with eleven members, among whom there are four associate professors. Three members of its staff have achieved master’s degrees. The academic leader of the department, Associate Professor HAN Zhaodong, serves as a vice chairman of the Binzhou Microbiology and Immunology Association.
The Central Laboratory now consists of five branches: Gene Amplification Lab, Biotherapy Lab, Flow Cytometry Room, Cytogenetic Lab and Immunology Lab. It possesses a number of advanced equipment, such as Real-time PCR Detection System, Pyrosequencing System, Nucleic Acids Extraction System, Flow Cytometer, Automatic Chromosome Detection System, Immunoflurorescence Microscopy, CO2 Incubator and so on.  
Its staff has undertaken a series of research projects including hepatitis B virus DNA test, karyotype analysis, prenatal screening test, cervical cancer screening test, cellular immune function test, HLA-B27 detection, etc. The staff of the central laboratory is participating in more than ten research projects at different levels.
Our department is a clinical biotherapy treatment base authorized by the Immunity Therapy Center of Munich University. Biotherapy is a form of treatment that uses the natural immune system to protect the body against infection, cancer and some other diseases, which can fortify the body against some side-effects of other treatments. CAPRI Biotherapy has been found effective as a treatment for certain types of cancer.
Thank you for your interest in the Central Laboratory. If you look for assistance with our clinical services or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information:
Tel:  +86-543-325-6647  
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Central Laboratory

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