Blood Transfusion
Established in 2002, the Department of Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) at Binzhou Medical University Hospital has now grown into the largest one in the Yellow River Delta. Over the past decade, we have made rapid progress in the field of testing, diagnosis, therapy and research. Our department is currently staffed with14 members, among whom there are 2 associate professors and 3 master’s degree holders. The department director, Associate Senior Technologist, Xing Yueli now serves as the director of Shandong Blood Transfusion Association. 
Our department is equipped with sophisticated instruments, composed of a crossmatching room, a blood storage room and a molecular biology laboratory. It is responsible for storing and testing clinical blood products, prenatal screening and postpartum diagnosis of neonatal hemolytic disease, ultraviolet blood irradiation and oxygenation (UBIO), etc. It has already become a comprehensive department involving multi-technique and multi-subject and it is in charge of technique practice and guiding blood transfusion.
We avail of the advanced instruments and methods to ensure safe and reliable transfusion. Due to our outstanding work, the Blood Transfusion Department was twice honored a progressive team of clinical blood transfusion by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shandong Province. 
Teaching is also one of our key missions. We provide teaching and training for undergraduates of medical laboratory majors. 
XING Yueli
  • Department Director
  • Associate Senior Technologist of Laboratory Medicine
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Blood stem cell collection,isolation and culture
    QU Huiqing MMSC
    Associate Senior Technologist of Laboratory Medicine
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    Blood Transfusion

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