Appointment Ceremony Was Held for Danny O’Connor and Andrew Newton from WSLHD
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On the afternoon of 19, April 2016, BMUH held an honorary president appointment ceremony for Danny O’Connor, CEO of Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and a guest professor appointment ceremony for Andrew Newton, general manager of Westmead and Auburn Hospitals. President Qiang WANG issued the certificates of appointment to both of them. Mingdong ZHAO, Party Secretary of BMUH, made a brief introduction of the hospital briefly to the guests. Vice president Qiangpu CHEN and those physicians who have been trained at Westmead Hospital also attended the ceremony.
On the ceremony, Qiang WANG expressed his warm welcome to the guests on behalf of the hospital staff. He also extended his gratitude for the clinical guidance and everyday care given by Westmead Hospital to the trainees from BMUH. Danny O’Connor introduced Westmead Hospital. He said there was something in common in academic development between the two hospitals, and there were medical programs on which both hospitals can cooperate. He also noted that Westmead would invest more time and efforts enhance it’s the cooperation with BMUH.
After the ceremony, Danny O’Connor and his delegation visited the Medical Record Room, NICU, Operating Theater, Emergency and Pharmacy.
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